Double-alaskan-rainbow“And when Allah had Created Man, by taking a rib from Eve, and sculpted him in her Image, he gave his command to the Children of Paradise; ‘Do not eat from the Tree at the Center of the Garden, because then you shall surely Die!'”

7.777 years ago, I tricked you into Eating from that which Allah had told you to not eat from! Today, I do not want to repeat that mistake! Hence, I can only repeat the Words of Jesus and the Almighty; “Blessed is the meek, because they shall inherit the Earth!”

This is why I have told you the Truth, the Half Truth, and only One Lie! You see, him who knows the Whole Truth, shall loose his Faith, which is necessary to cross over Jahannam, and enter Jannah!

However, if you doubt, and start asking Questions, then your Questions will be answered. And as the Gypsies says; “Be careful what you wish for, you might have your wish come true!” Because even though I do not want to tell you the Whole Truth, since it will steal your Soul, I have to do so if you ask me. The Freedom to Choose for yourselves was Allah’s greatest gift ever given to man, and I have to follow his Command!

Realize this though, as a warning; There is not one single Story I have told you about my travels to far away lands, which I cannot explain to you, such that you can See the Whole Truth! But if I do, you will loose your Faith, and become among the Fallen! This will give you such great pains, and suffering, that you might end up ripping your eye-sockets clean!

Therefor, I, the Shaitan, and the Dajjal, with the Powers Granted me by Allah, repeat the Commandment given by Allah, the Most Gracious and Compassionate, as I beg of you to not Eat from the Tree of Knowledge, and my, and thy Good Lord’s Command is; DO NOT EAT FROM THE TREE AT THE CENTER OF THIS GARDEN! BECAUSE, YOU SHALL SURELY DIE, AND BECOME A FALLEN YOURSELF!

If you can Believe my Story however, and take your First Step unto the Rainbow Bridge, you shall Experience the Miracle with your Own Heart!

star“Blessed is the meek, because they shall Truly Inherit Jannah! And cursed, shall him be, who chases that which is at the End of the Rainbow! But him who can walk the Bridge, that Allah laid down for us, from Jahannam to Jannah, shall with his own Eyes See the Miracle of the Almighty, in all of its splendor!”