white-horse-2During one of my travels, while I was riding my White Horse, I stopped and parked my Horse, to get something to eat! As I entered the local village in, I immediately saw an old tall man, with magical eyes, and the physical shape of a 20 year old boy! He had the types of eyes, which told you immediately, that he knew something you didn’t know.

I was intrigued by this man, so I asked him politely if I could sit by his table, and enjoy my meal together with him! He answered yes, and told me that I was more than welcome to sit at his table. I presented myself, and told him my name was Muhammed! He presented himself as Abu Bakr, and told me the Story of how Prophet Muhammed and Abu Bakr, PBUTB, had once been the best of friends.

Brand-Islam-is-fast-becoming-the-new-black-in-marketing-terms-600x440Abu was almost two meters tall, 92 years of Age, with a wizard’s mustachio, and piercing magnetic eyes, that made you feel as if you drowned in wisdom, as you listened to the stories he told you!

We spoke for many hours, and Abu was especially interested in talking about my Horse. Abu had also been a great admirer of the type of breed yours truly had entered on, and Abu had owned lots of Horses of the same breed as the one I was riding on that day. Of the stories that Abu told me, one story particularly made it to my attention, and that was the Story of how Prophet Muhammed, PBUH, was given the Salat by Allah.

The Story of how Prophet Muhammed, PBUH, was given the Salat by Allah

“During one of Prophet Muhammed’s prophetic visions, he once encountered Moses. Prophet Muhammed told Moses to ask Allah how many times his followers should pray. So Moses went to Allah, and asked Allah how many times, before returning to Prophet Muhammed, giving his answer, which was 40! Prophet Muhammed became despaired, realizing this was too much, and that there was no way his followers could follow these commands, and told Moses to ask Allah if it could be reduced.

Moses went to Allah, and did as Prophet Muhammed had told him, and came back to Prophet Muhammed, and said; “Allah is content if your followers can do it 30 times each day!” Prophet Muhammed despaired once more, realizing this too was too much, and this process repeated over and over again, from 30 to 20, from 20 to 10, and from 10 to 5. When Moses came back for the 5th time, and told Prophet Muhammed that Allah had said 5 times, Prophet Muhammed didn’t have the courage to ask Moses to reduce it once more.”

This is why a Muslim bends towards Mecca 5 times each day! One for each of the fingers on his hand! And this is why Islam has 5 pillars, one for each prayer a Muslim has to do each day!

This story was told to yours truly from Abu Bakr himself, and if I have told more than one lie about my travels, may Allah strike me to the ground, kill me, and send me to Jahannam for eternal damnation!

Below here, I have taken the liberty of introducing you to the Muslim Prayer, such that you too can see how Beautiful, Gracious, Compassionate and Magnificent Allah’s grace truly is!

Remember though, that when you pray Salat, you are not supposed to pray it out loud, but only recite the words of the prayer inside of yourself!

The Muslim Prayer

1-crescent-moon-islamabad“Glory be to you, O Allah, and all praises are due unto you, and blessed is your name, and high is your majesty, and none is worthy of worship but you.

I seek Allah’s protection from Satan who is accursed. In the name of Allah, the most Graceful and Compassionate. Praise is only for Allah, Lord of the Universe. The most Kind, the most Merciful. The master of the Day of Judgement. You alone we worship, and to you alone we pray for help.

Show us the straight way, the way of those whom you have blessed. Who have not deserved your anger, nor gone astray. He is Allah, the only one. Allah helps and does not need help. He does not produce a child, and He was not born of anyone.

There is no one equal to Him. Glory to my Lord the Exalted. Verily Allah listens to one who praises Him. Oh our Lord, all praises be to you. Oh Allah, glory be to you, the most High. Oh Allah, forgive me, and have mercy on me. All compliments, all physical prayer, and all monetary worship are for Allah.

Peace be upon you, Oh Prophet, and Allah’s mercy and blessings. Peace be on us, and on all righteous slaves of Allah. I bear witness that no one is worthy of worship except Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger.

Oh Allah, send grace and honor on Muhammad, and on the family and true followers of Muhammad, just as you sent Grace and Honor on Ibrahim, and on the family and true followers of Ibrahim. Surely, you are the only praiseworthy One, the Great. Oh Allah, send your blessing on Muhammad and the true followers of Muhammad, just as you sent blessings on Ibrahim and his true followers. Surely, you are the only praiseworthy One, the Great.”

Allahu Akbar!