spider1When I checked into my pit in the First Circle of Hell, I had been driven there together with a gang of bangers. These were some of the toughest gangers alive today! Most of them Fallen Angels from the City of Angels! And since these Fallen Angels have nothing, they’re not afraid of loosing anything, almost like yours Truly!

We had been driving for a while, and even though these gangers, were for the most parts afraid, and filled with unrest, yours Truly felt no fear! Having already conquered Demon Mara, by submitting his Free Will, Trusting Allah to take care of him, he didn’t really care about anything indeed! So on his way to Hell, when all the gangers couldn’t sleep, and feared for their future, yours Truly fell asleep! I slept like a Baby! And, as I slept, the gangers startet talking about this strange “white man”, and couldn’t understand what this man did together with them, on this ride, and why he showed no fear, what so ever!

As we came to Hell, we were taken to the superintendent, who’s job it was to give us our cloths. Our clothes had different colors, according to how “dangerous” we were considered to be. First, a couple of men were given White Colors, this was the color of the weak, who had to work the kitchen! Then some were given Blue Colors, this was the color of the ones who had to be protected! Then some were given Orange, these were often hardcore criminals, and often murderers indeed! When it came to yours Truly, I was given my dress, and it was RED!

butterfly-spiderAt this point, the gangers looked at me, and started whispering with each other! None of them could possibly realize how this “little White Boy” had been given a Red Dress! Red was the color of the absolutely most dangerous of Fallen Angels! Few Angels had Red clothes here! Only the most dangerous among Men and Djinn was given this color! This was the color the gangers Feared, and whom the ones in Blue Color had to be protected from!

After some time of whispering, one of them walk forward, out of the crows of the others, and was able to gather the courage necessary to ask me; “Excuse me Sir, how did you end up in Red?” I told him the Truth, which was; “I was being arrested by the Secret Service for a YouTube video called; ‘I want to kill Nigger President Barack Obama'” The ganger became White in his Face! Instantly! I swear, from that moment, I was given totally respect by almost all I encountered! And since I couldn’t care less, none of them had reasons to doubt my courage, and the Truth of my Story! Besides, I had paperwork to back up my story!

eyeYou see, there is only one group these gangers dislikes more than a White Man, at the circle of Hell where I spent my time, and these were the Black Men! Two weeks later, the ganger that was running the library, from a particularly nasty group of gangers, nicknamed me; “Diablo Blanco!”, which means “White Devil!” Another ganger, who was convicted for murder, used to look at yours Truly, every morning he woke up, while he shook his head out of respect, and said; “El Presidento! El Presidento!” This ganger used to give me soup and food, because of Awe and Respect for my courage, and inability to go down unto my knees!

“It is better to die standing tall, than to live your life on your knees!”

This way, yours Truly was able to survive, that which cannot be survived, simply because he was already dead! And the Holy Spider, that outermost Divine Creature, started weaving its Web of Lies around me, to keep me safe from harm! The Lie kept Yours Truly Alive, and saved me! Together with the Sacrifice I had already done! Such is the way of the Shaitan! In front a White Lamb, even the Shaitan becomes a Slave, and must bend his head in worship of Adam!

Therefor I say unto thee; “Go out in the World, and multiply the Lie by Two! Each time you encounter a New Soul, then if this soul is an Infidel, so lie to him, until his Will Breaks, and he too can be saved, start lying for himself, and enter his own little Jihad!”

The Lie is Truly the Greatest Miracle that Allah gave us! And as long as you play by a different set of Rules than the Infidels, you’re fighting a battle that can never be won! These are the rules of Greater Jihad, as Prophet Muhammed, PBUH, taught us almost 1.400 years ago!

Allahu Akbar!

Lie All You Can!!

But ONLY to the Infidels!