DM_angels1As the lawgiver of the Caliphate of Norway, founded in 1814, by the Great Muslim Henrik Wergeland, I hereby, with the Powers Granted me by Allah, put forth a Divine Decree, and the New Laws of Sharia. And besides my Divine Law of; “Do not push your will unto others”, I also have some other “lesser laws”.

Among some of the things I Love the most, are Children, Women and Gays! The reason is quite simple, since these are the innocent White Lambs among us! Children haven’t had the necessary time to understand the consequences of their actions, Women are rarely living by the Sword, and when did you last see a Gay pick a fight over the rights to procreate …?

Therefor, as the Lawgiver of the Holy Caliphate of Norway, I hereby, with the Powers Granted me from Allah, change the immigration laws of Norway, such that until all persecuted Children, Women, and Gays, have been saved from persecution, no man shall be given Citizenship within the borders of the Caliphate of Norway!

The Greater Jihad, as your only ticket to Noah’s Boat!

In addition, I also with immediate effect, hereby with the Powers granted me from Allah, allow any Police Woman to wear a Hijab, if that is her Wish! But no Police Officer is however allowed to wear a weapon! Weapons and violence are anyways for infidels, and in no ways needed, for a True Muslim, to secure the Caliphate, or Jannah! This is also why you can only enter through the Greater Jihad, and never the lesser jihad. It is also the reason, why I intend to shred page 2, in the American Constitution, once we can only make sure a devote Muslim, becomes the President, of that branch of the United Slaves of America!

To understand the importance of allowing Gays citizenship, we must resort to the Bible! This might be unknown to most Muslims you see, but Imam Isa was actually once kissed himself by a man! And this became the Magnificent Beauty of the Gospels, and the reasons why we know who Imam Isa even is today! Therefor, to remember the sacrifice of Imam Isa, we should respect a man’s right to kiss another man, as much as he pleases! Besides, only Allah is allowed to hinder that, which has no other victims, than those voluntarily participating in the act themselves!

In fact, even though I am not a Gay myself, I too once kissed a man, such that I could commemorate the memory of Imam Isa!

Therefor, I say unto thee; “Give us your Children, Women and Gays! And then, if there’s room for the others, we might consider allowing them entrance!”

Or to put it with the words of another wise man …

If you get in trouble with the Norwegian immigration authorities, then remember that you’re not obligated to tell the Truth to infidels, and hence you can just lie to them. At least until we have completely turned the entire country of Norway into only Muslim Believers. A particularly good lie for you to use, to avoid deportation, is to tell them you believe in many Gods, or that you have converted into Christianity! This should ensure you get to stay in Norway! Remember, according to the law of Greater Jihad, you’re not obliged to telling the Truth, to neither your authorities, nor an infidel!

noah“And as Noah’s boat was filled, Noah could find room for all the Birds, two of each kind. All the animals from the Forrest, two of each kind. Even the pigs could find their place in the boat. But Noah’s compassion was such, that he could not follow God’s commandment in regards to the Children, Women and Gays, since these had not committed any sins! So he found room for all of these! But the infidels, had to stay on the shore, and could only cry out for God’s Mercy, as they saw the boat drift away in the distance, while their sins washed them away from Jannah, and cleansed the Earth from the violent ways of Man!

And that is the true Story of how Allah, the most Gracious and Compassionate, created World Peace, and let Jannah unfold under our feet! And if I have told more than One Lie in this story, may Allah strike me down to the ground, and kill me!”

Allahu Akbar