Jesus-on-Cross-1024x1024GlorifiedOn my Journeys, I once ended up in the first Circle of Hell. Not voluntarily, I might add. As I was sleeping one night, while in Hell, I was awakened by an Angel from the City of Angels! My Angel had red eyes, and was crying from remorse, because of the story he told me that night. You see, the Angel had committed a crime! He had committed murder!

When my Angel was just a small boy, he had been forced to defend himself with his weapon, because of a man waving a sword in front of him! My little Angel had then done what most other men would have done, if in his shoes. He had reached for his weapon, and killed the man. This made my little Angel cross a line, which later turned his Heart into Stone, and instilled Fears, greater than even that which an Angel can Carry!

I knew the Angel quite well back then. We had been sharing our Dreams for quite some time, and my Angel had told me about a Dream he once woke up from …

The Angel’s Dream;

star“The Angel was rolling down a one-way street. He was wearing the finest white clothing. As he came to the end of the street, he realized he was in a funeral, and that the funeral was his own! His whole family had gathered around a grave, and they were crying in pain! Inside this grave, was the Angel, incapable of reaching out to the ones he Loved! When the Angel looked up to the Sky, he could see the stars twinkle, in a way they had never Twinkled before!”

As my Angel woke up, he could still hear an echo from a voice in the distance, remnants from his Dream, and the voice told him; “Slave to the Stars! You are a Slave to the Stars!”

The night my Angel woke me up, he had already confessed to me that he had committed murder, and that almost nobody knew about this murder. I had then previously asked him; “How many chances do you think Allah gives you?” He answered that he didn’t know, so I answered my own question with a simple two-word sentence; One More! One More!

I had then proceeded to explain to him, that even though my Angel didn’t believe in Allah, Allah believed in Him! And that unless Allah had great plans for my little Angel, then Allah would already have claimed his mortal flesh! Then I told my Angel, that if he could put down his sword, and stop polluting his mind with poison, then Allah would forgive my little Angel, and bring him into his flock!

That night, when my Angel woke me up, he told me how he had planned to assassinate many men, 19 to the number. My Angel was desperate! Because of all the violence he had been forced to live by, he had acquired many enemies, and my little Angel wanted to be ahead of his game, and finish his enemies, before they finished him. As the Angel told me his story, my eyes grew wet, and I cried with my little Angel, all night through!

When my Angel was finished telling me his story, he asked me; “Do you understand why I tell you this my Friend?” I answered; “No”. He said; “Because I have called it off! I have decided because of you my Friend, to no longer kill my enemies!”

I cried rivers of Tears, and gave Praise to Allah that night …

The Story of my White Horse!

White_Horse-500x375About a month before I was sent to Hell, from the City of Angels, I was blessed with a Magical White Horse. Before I left Hell, I made sure that my Angel was given this Horse, such that he could use it, to Fly out of Hell!

It has taken me three years to understand Allah’s Will in these matters, but now I can clearly see His plan! Allah wishes for my Angel to give this White Horse to the family of the man he murdered, as blood money! Such that he can mend a broken family, end the circle of hate, and repent, and ask for Forgiveness, for his Sins!

In my story here, is the recipe for how to ask the ones you have trespassed against for Forgiveness. I beg of my Angel, before it’s too late, to use my Story for what it is worth, and ask for Forgiveness for his sins, repent, and end the circle of hate! If my Angel is willing to do this, than I am willing to pay his Blood Money!

Rainbow_02In the Bible it says “The last shall be the First!” And even though my Angel doesn’t realize this, he is truly the last among us! And if he cannot cross the Rainbow Bridge of Faith, regardless of how hard it seems, then none of the others among us can pass!

Therefor, I say unto my Angel; “Take my White Horse, and bring it to the family of the man you murdered! Then ask for Forgiveness, using YouTube, and send your Confession to his family. But before you do, remember to confess all sorts of things, you could not possibly have done, such that Thomas can save you from being prosecuted for your crimes by men! And remember, as you confess your real crimes, that you should not convey anything, nobody but you, and the Police, could possibly have known about! This shall be your Spiritual Armor, and your Personal Miracle! This shall save you, from Judgment, by any others than Allah, the most Gracious and Compassionate! And you will find that Allah can Forgive you, as long as you Honestly repent your sins, and change your ways!”

For such is the Love of thy Lord, that he was willing to leave his 99, to attend for the One!

“I see Wings little Angel, I Swear, I See Wings! Fly to the Sky! Fly!”

This is thy Lords plan! This is how you can be a Slave for the Stars! This is your Rainbow Bridge! And you must pass, before the rest of us can go!

You see my little Angel, before I could have you become a Slave for the Stars, I had to bend the Stars to the Will of Allah! And as Allah came through the 7 Universes, bent the very Fabric of Time and Space itself, the stars bent down in Awe for Allah, the Most Gracious and Compassionate! And the stars remembered the Truth of Him who is without Sin, cast the First Stone!

Loving Kindness,

Big Bird!