Kaaba-1The 29th of February 2012, I had a one-way ticket to Saudi-Arabia. The plan was to go to Jeddah, and destroy the Kaaba. This was approximately 6 months after my encounter with the Almighty, and I was anxious to pay my part of the deal, realizing I was in debt, and that the only way I could pay my debt, was by sacrificing my life and immortal soul.

I wanted to sacrifice myself, in such a way that it created maximum amount of attention, in an attempt at trying to Heal the World, and make everyone realize, how we’re all brothers and sisters, and that the Earth is our common Virgin Mother and Jannah.

At this point, I had been riddled with Prophetic Visions, non-stop. In one of my visions, I had seen myself standing naked in front of the Kaaba, with a sledgehammer, while performing the ultimate blasphemy, possible to do on this Earth. I was on my way to visit the Kaaba, with a sledgehammer, to destroy the most holy object on the planet, while I had planned to shout to the crowd, that I was the Dajjal and the Antichrist.

I had spent my last 795 dollars on a one-way ticket from New Jerusalem (LAX) to Jeddah, with only enough money left to buy a sledgehammer when I came down to Jeddah.

This might sound weird for the uninitiated, but realize, that at this point, I had sacrificed my life and soul, for the well being of my firstborn son, and the unfolding of Paradise on Earth, and Allah had saved the life of my son, in exchange for my eternal damnation! Hence, I felt I owed Allah my life and soul, and I was desperate to pay my debt to him, any ways I could. Realizing how demolishing the most holy object on the planet, would highly likely make the crowd shred me to pieces, I imagined this was a good way to go.

As I was checking in at LAX, destiny and Allah denied me my will! My best friend at the time, had washed my jeans. Of course, what he didn’t know, was that my passport was in the back-pockets of those same jeans, as he had washed them. My passport had therefor been teared by his washing machine. As I tried to check in at LAX, I was told that I couldn’t, because of the state of my passport. I completely flipped!!

I felt as if a guard at LAX had prevented me from meeting Allah, my Creator, and pay my debt! I was so angry, I completely flipped! Hence, I went outside of LAX, and created a video, where I told my story, and ordered the Secret Service to immediately land at LAX with Air Force One, such that they could pick me up, and fly me to Jeddah, to meet Allah and my Destiny! To be certain I’d get their attention, I gave that video the header; “I want to kill Nigger President Barack Obama” as I uploaded it to YouTube!

The paradox is, that as this incident started sinking into me, I slowly started realizing, that I had first-hand experienced, how the story from the Qu’ran is true, while the bible is a lie. There is no way Allah will allow a man to be crucified, for another man’s sins! Hence, I had empirical knowledge of that Jesus never died on the cross, and that the Qu’ran was the Truth!

This later made me perform the Shahada, and start believing in Prophet Muhammed as a Messenger from Allah.

“I believe in Prophet Muhammed as a Messenger from God, and that there is no God but Allah!”

Allahu Akbar!