Campbell-Great-Seal-of-the-United-States-127WARNING; “Let Him without Sin cast the First Stone! And though shall Clearly See with your own Eyes, that my stone is bigger than that stone which was given to You! For into my hands, descended the capstone! The One Stone to Finish, that which was started 7.777 years ago! And I will Throw it, where it does the most damage, and destroy 7.777 years of Good Work, and condemn us All to Eternal Hell, unless you put down your stone first, and allows for Allah, the Most Gracious and most Compassionate, to be the ONLY Judge on Judgment Day!

With the Powers Granted me from Allah, I hereby, on the 8th Day of Creation, Circumcise the Dajjal!

I Can See You! Clearly! Can You See Me?

Allahu Akbar!!”