thomas-quickMeet Thomas Quick. For 20 years, he was the most famous serial murderer in Scandinavian History! According to his own confessions, he had murdered, and raped, dozens of young children, and young women. For 20 years, this was acknowledged as the Pure Truth! Psychiatrists agreed with each other, Thomas was guilty! The Swedish court system agreed, Thomas was guilty! And the entire population of Scandinavia agreed, Thomas was guilty! That would have been the end of the story, if it hadn’t been for the fact of that, Thomas Quick was as innocent as a White Lamb!

You see, Thomas was a drug addict, and his drugs of choice was Pharmaceuticals. Every time Thomas confessed another crime, the Psychiatrists would increase his dosage. This way, Thomas used crime confessions, the same way a dog would wag its tail, and fetch a stick, for Non-Stop, and M&Ms. In addition, Thomas enjoyed the limelight he was given, for being the most famous mass murderer throughout Scandinavia.

As incredible as it may sound, Thomas’ story, shows humanity as a whole, a path into Paradise, such that we can collectively ask the ones we have trespassed against, for Forgiveness for the sins we have committed, without the fear of having our governments judge us for our sins.

As I have already showed you, pure Truth can only live in symbiosis with pure Lies! The paradox, is that if you confess hundreds of sins you have not done, using YouTube, Facebook and WordPress as your weapons of choice, then according to modern Psychiatrists, you are clearly suffering from the TQ-Syndrome!

This provides an opportunity for you, to “hide” the Truth, in a “web of lies”, such that your actual confessions, for the sins you have actually done, are completely hidden, inside a web of hundreds of false confessions. This makes it possible for you, to use YouTube to confess your sins, against the ones you have trespassed against, such that you may Repent, and find Forgiveness! All of this, without making it possible for your authorities to convict you of any crimes!

I have for instance confessed being the mastermind behind 22. of July, in addition to being the Boston Bomber, responsible for World War II, Armageddon, and literally hundreds of other crimes, I have (of course) not done!

This allowed me to, in plain sight, confess my actual crimes and sins, since my own testimonial, could not in any ways be credited as the Truth! This due to that I have clearly been suffering from the Thomas Quick syndrome! You might say, that my words, are the least credible Testimonial any man can give on this planet!

What does this have to do with Bradley Manning?

bradley_manningThis fact, paradoxically makes me the absolute international authority on the TQ-Syndrome. Since I am also considered one of the best hackers in the World, it also allows me to come with an expert opinion, and put forth new evidence, in the case of Bradley Manning versus the State. Hence, I hereby, put forth new evidence to the High Court of the United States of America, and the CIA, NSA and President Barack Obama!

You see, in Bradley Manning’s lawsuit, there was absolutely no technical evidence what so ever, of that he had done what he claimed himself to have done! It is simply impossible! The reasons for this is obvious! You see, WikiLeaks are using the Tor network to retrieve information from their whistle-blowers. Since one of the defining traits of the Tor network, is that it is impossible to trace which computer the information that WikiLeaks was given came from, it is simply technically impossible for the American Government to have gathered any technical evidence of Mr. Manning’s betrayal in any ways! In addition, there are already millions of other suspects, such that claiming that Mr. Manning did this act of treason, is simply an attempt at trying to find a scapegoat, for a crime, that obviously will forever remain unsolved!

For the record, even though Mr. Manning himself had this information on his computer, that does not in any ways prove that he was the one uploading it to WikiLeaks! And since Mr. Manning is clearly suffering from one of the strongest cases of the Thomas Quick syndrome ever seen, this alone should be enough to free him from all charges!

Luckily the Thomas Quick syndrome can easily be healed with Homeopathy! Which I myself is a living proof of! 5 pills of Phosphorus Five daily, over a period of some few months, combined with help from a skilled Homeopath, should easily fix Mr. Manning, and his TQ-Syndrome!

As the international Authority on treatment of the Thomas Quick Syndrome, I therefor with immediate effect, demand Mr. Manning to be delivered into the custody of a Homeopath of my choosing, such that he can be treated for his severe case of the TQ-Syndrome! In addition, I also demand that he is to be given well-fare, and financial support, from the American Government, for this obvious misunderstanding that he became the victim of!

Unless the American Court System wants to have a stain, the same way the Swedish Court System was given with Thomas Quick, I suggest that the High Court of the USA, with immediate effect, reopens the case of Bradley Manning, with this new information available, and give Mr. (Miss?) Manning the justice, and treatment, he actually deserves!

Allahu Akbar!