jesus777If you take the Bible seriously, and you believe that it is telling us something, that actually happened in Jerusalem, 2.000 years ago, then besides from the Virgin Birth, the second largest problem for a skeptic in regards to that book, is the story of the resurrection. However, it is really quite simple! Jesus never died on the cross! The Bible shows us this in fact!

According to the Gospels, Jesus spent 6-9 hours on the cross, depending upon which of the Gospels you read, just like I spent 6-9 months in prison, depending upon which source you read. According to modern science, we know that for a physical and well grown-up man, death by crucifixion takes approximately 72 hours! This was the reason why the Romans were so found of crucifixion, because it was a particularly cruel way of dying, since the victim would be alive for a very long time, before he suffocated.

At this point, some Christians will argue how Jesus had his legs broken, which made him die faster. Actually, if you read the Bible, then you can clearly see how both of the thieves on each side of Jesus had their legs broken, but Jesus’ legs was never touched, because the Roman guards believed he was already dead when they checked him. But don’t believe me, read the Bible yourselves! One of the guards did however put a spear to Jesus right side, which is actually no problem to survive, if it is treated fast. His left side however, would have pierced his heart, but according to the Gospels, the spear penetrated Jesus’ right side! And not very deep in fact! Only deep enough, to validate that he was already dead.

Another clue can be found while reading which herbs was brought into Jesus’ tomb. Most Christians will say here that the herbs that was brought with Jesus, into his tomb, was embalming herbs. But if you read the scriptures, you can clearly see that the herbs that was used, was not in fact embalming herbs, but rather in fact herbs used to heal wounds.

Now of course, the last, and most significant clue in regards to that Jesus actually survived his Crucifixion, is the fact that three days after his so-called “death”, he walked right out of the tomb, alive and well! Try to explain that from a logical and scientific point of view!

The reason why people tend to believe he died for our sins, is because we need someone else to carry our sins, in addition to that we have been told so, by people who have been told so, and so on. All this leading to the source of these stories, which have a reason for spreading this lie to you, such that they can keep their existing powers! (*cough*, *cough*, the Pope! *cough*, *cough*!)

This realization might create a spiritual crisis for you, realizing nobody died for your sins! But actually, when the initial shock has yielded for the Truth, it actually creates an opportunity for you, and should comfort you greatly! The reason is that the realization of that if Jesus didn’t die for your sins, then maybe not even you have to die for your sins! As long as you too “pick up your cross, and allow yourselves to be crucified!”

This is the path to Heaven according to Jesus own words. Jesus literally says; “Him who does not pick up his own cross, and allows for himself to be crucified for the Truth, shall never gain access to Paradise!” The problem with this, is that as long as you believe that Jesus died during his crucifixion, this is to say the least, very little tempting …

If you however believe, as I have experienced, that Jesus survived his Crucifixion, then your own crucifixion becomes that much easier! And this is really simple! Just read the Qu’ran! Prophet Muhammed, PBUH, clearly tells us how Jesus physically survived his Crucifixion! I have clearly told you so too! And in fact, I have first-hand experienced that Crucifixion is painful indeed, but it won’t kill you! And in the end, you’ll be reborn, and immediately gain access to Heaven and Paradise! Just like I did, and Jesus did too!

So therefor I say to thee; Pick up your cross, and drive the nails through your hands! As you do, you will see the Miracle from Nazareth with your own eyes! Just like I did 3 years ago myself!

Hallelujah, Jesus Lives, and he SURVIVED his Crucifixion, and so will YOU TOO, if you can only find the necessary Faith, to allow yourselves to be Crucified!! 😀

Snipp, Snapp, Snute, så var Eventyret Ute!