Dalai LamaTibet is a country that have suffered great pains. If you go there, and a crowd starts to gather, then please run as fast as you can. Because the likely cause of this crowd, is that a Buddhist Monk, plans to pour gasoline over himself, and burn himself to death. This shows the amount of desperation the nation of Tibet is currently living through.

Late 2011, I started on my plan to solve this problem. However, my solution might sound radical for most of my readers. You see the problem Tibet is having today, is not the problem they “think” they have. This is because “thinking” and “clinging to concept” is an artifact from our personality, which is in contradiction with true Enlightenment, Buddha’s Teachings, and Bodhisattva.

The primary example of this, is how the Buddha taught us that in order to acquire Buddha-nature, we must let go of everything we own. This creates a huge paradox in regards to the Dalai Lama, which directly translates to “An Ocean of Wisdom”. On the one hand, he is considered to be the closest to the Buddha alive today. On the other hand, no man alive today is more “attached” than His Holiness, since he effectively clings to an entire country!

The Buddha GAVE UP his Kingdom! The Dalai Lama clings to his, 50 years after it was taken from him!

My plan was to “sell” Tibet to China, in exchange for Human Rights, and Religious Freedoms, for the population of Tibet. Tibet is a country which the Chinese wants badly, and in order to solve that problem, I am willing to bet that China would stretch very far. So I realized how this could be used as “leverage”, to bargain more Freedoms for the people of Tibet. This way, the population of Tibet would acquire religious Freedoms and Human Rights, by allowing the Chinese Republic to integrate them, as an integral part of their Republic.

But this requires that His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama, can let go of his Ego, and allow for his Country as a Whole, to acquire Enlightenment, and become the Buddha Nation of the Earth!

Besides, the 14th Dalai Lama is a hoax anyway, there was only supposed to be 13 Lamas …

Approximately the 9th of August 2013, I scattered the profile of Barack Obama on Facebook with the YouTube video from below, and “negative keywords” such as “Jihad”, “Allahu Akbar”, etc. To top it off, I ended with a status update saying; “I said; ‘I want to kill Nigger President Barack Obama'”, which technically was a lie, because I have never said it in fact.

As my crescendo, I ended my little “Jihad” by trying to send an email to 57 members of WikiLeaks. When this failed, I knew I was under surveillance by the NSA and the CIA. The idea, was to afterwards, send an email to His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama, and tempt him into exploiting a “hole” in the American constitution, to get leverage for having USA take his side in this conflict. This again, if His Holiness had taken the bait, would have given the American President, the necessary mandate, from his own population, to “sell” Tibet to China, resulting in that the USA could use this as leverage, not only to have Religious Freedoms and more Human Rights, in China as a whole, but also in fact pay their own foreign debt to China …

Of course, when my email was censored by the CIA and the NSA, I knew there was really no point in sending the email to His Holiness, still I tried. It was stopped of course …

The paradox was, that if I had succeeded, then USA’s foreign debt to China would have been paid, the population of Tibet, and China, would have had Religious Freedoms, and better Human Rights, and all we’d have to do to make this happen, would have been for His Holiness to accept his personal Nirvana, let go of that which he clings to, “sell it” for more Freedoms for his own people, effectively elevating him to a True Buddha!

However, my plan was stopped by the censorship of the NSA and the CIA …

This shows why censorship is a bad thing! ALWAYS a bad thing! This also shows how every time we act from our fears, we consistently do the wrong things!