santacrossIn 2007, I had a quarrel with a colleague of mine. I wanted to use what was my company, to create World Peace. My colleague, told me that such a thing was blasphemy, since World Peace wasn’t supposed to happen, before Jesus was reborn.

Our quarrel escalated, until he had somehow managed to destroy my life, so thoroughly, that I felt I had no future. In addition, my oldest son at the time, was about to die. On top of all of this, some fruitcake Norwegian murdered 76 children at Utøya. I felt my life was over, and I became so desperate, that I felt there was nothing more to live for. Regardless of how much I tried, I realized that I would never be understood by other people, hence I took the most drastic step a man can possibly do!

In an act of desperation, I decided to sacrifice the rest of my life, and my immortal soul, in an attempt at trying to please, what I felt then, was a vicious God. As a socio-psychological exercise, in an attempt to try to Heal the World, through my sacrifice. Armed with Fairy-Tales, and Social Media, as my weapon of choice, I decided to try, in full public, to take unto myself the role as the Antichrist!

I became among one of the first people throughout human history who had consciously attempted to convince the world of that I was the Antichrist, the Dajjal! The most evil man that ever lived! And I started creating an online personality, that would fit the role.

6 months later, the Secret Service came to my door. 2 months afterwards, I was arrested by the Secret Service, US Marshalls, Santa Monica PD, FBI and ICE! 3 months later, I was deported to Norway, where of course my local police, in combination with the man, who had set the whole thing in motion, had set a trap for me.

13 months after that, I was contacted by the CIA and the NSA over Facebook, where they tried to reason with me, and make me go back to software development, claiming insanity during my trial. My trial was a farce of course! They all needed a scapegoat, and I was more than willing to give them one! In fact, I asked of my lawyer to claim 1.000 years of prison! A couple of days after my “CIA/NSA incident”, I was arrested by terror police in Norway, for the 5th time, and sentenced to 6 months in prison. I spent my time for the most parts in isolation, at a maximum security prison in Norway, having done no other crimes, except wanting to sacrifice myself, in an attempt at trying to convince humanity at large, that Armageddon was in fact over, and that we are living in paradise, and that there are no reasons why you need to hate your Brothers and Sisters!

During my trial(s), I’ve had the Secret Service testify, the security adviser for the sitting Director of NATO testify, and I’ve been contacted by the CIA and the NSA, and made so many “big headlines”, it would drive any “normal man” to suicide! It’s quite ironic how “dangerous” World Peace seems to be for some people out there …

The paradox is, that after I “sacrificed” myself, my son has not been to the hospital one single day! And he did not only survive, but almost completely recovered.

Do you want to know what I have learned?

NO MAN can carry another man’s sin! Period! There is also no point in praying to your make-believe friend, Mr. Jesus, unless you try everything that’s within the reach of your hands, to repent the sins you’ve done first! If “faith” is the only card you bet on, then you will never make it to Paradise! As Prophet Muhammed, PBUH says; “The man who cares more for this life, than the next, will have no joy in neither this life, nor the next!”

Sorry, I am just the messenger here. Jesus tried to sacrifice his life, and soul, for the sins of the World, and not even he succeeded in the end!

However, if you consciously, and sincerely ask for forgiveness for your sins, and try to repent the vicious things you have done. Then regardless of how low you’ve been, redemption is always within reach for you! However, there is no “magic man” descending down from Heaven to save you, you have to save yourselves! If you want to have my two-cents in regards to “praying”, it is to knock the door of your neighbor! And regardless of the color of his skin, creed or religious views, ask him to help you, when you need help! And when you do, be HUMBLE!

I once asked a sinner this question; “Do you know how many chances Allah gives you?” He said he didn’t know. I answered; “One more!”

And that’s about as close as you can get to the pure Truth, without burning your wings, and crash to the Earth, as I did …

But the beauty of my story, is that if you try to sacrifice yourself for a greater cause than yourself, then your sacrifice will never be claimed, and you too can experience the Miracle of Jesus! Because, in the end, the real Miracle of Jesus, is that he in fact didn’t die for your sin, but shows you how neither do you have to die either, as long as you sacrifice yourself, for a greater cause than yourselves …

And if you’re a Norwegian, you just have to laugh from my story, realizing how the Norwegian Police, unsuccessfully tried to have me committed into a Psychiatric Institution, against my will, no less than 5 times, for proclaiming to be the Antichrist. In regards to that, I’ve got two words for my fellow Norwegians, and these two words are; FUCK JANTELOVEN!!

Hallelujah, Allahu Akbar, The Antichrist Lives!

“With the Powers Granted me from Allah, I demand with Immediate Effect that ALL WARS! WORLDWIDE! IMMEDIATELY STOPS!”

The Dajjal!