judas-kiss-660If you don’t believe in Jesus and Satan, then bare with me, and perceive Jesus as an analogy for Truth, and Satan as an analogy for Lies. After all, according to modern Christian dogma, Satan is the Prince of Lies, while Jesus is the Prince of Truth.

The problem when you read the Bible today, is its many “weird constructs”, which is difficult, if not flat out impossible to believe in, for a skeptic mind. Does this mean that a skeptic mind is excluded from entering Heaven? My answer is; “The Last shall be the First!” The Bible is however literally stuffed with small “white lies”! In fact, the new testament starts out with a lie; The Virgin Birth!

If you try to make sense out of the Bible from a logical and scientific point of view, then the first paradox you encounter, is the story of how Jesus was born by a Virgin. The problem with that story, is that it throws away 80% of the people reading the Bible, since it is purely logically and scientifically impossible. So if it wasn’t a Virgin Birth, what was it then? How can we logically explain the conception of Jesus?

If we look at the story through the eyes of the Judaic society 2.000 years ago, it actually makes sense. In Israel, 2.000 years ago, having sex outside of marriage was illegal, and a crime against the laws of Judea. Mary actually faced execution by stoning because of her tummy! Since Joseph and Mary was not married, the birth of Jesus posed an obvious problem.

Joseph, wanting to be a man, protecting the woman he loved, saved the day though, and told a White Lie to save his fiance, and his unborn child. This lie temporary saved Jesus and Mary, but created a problem for the parents, as the little boy from Nazareth started growing up. Since they had lied to the authorities of Israel, they had to keep the lie alive, since the biggest risk of exposing the lie for what it was, was obviously coming from the little boy himself. Hence, they had to teach also the little boy, that he was the result of a Virgin Birth. This factor, obviously created an ego the size of a galaxy in the little boy, as he grew up, and when he was old enough to know the real Truth, this created even more distance for him to fall, once confronted with the Truth!

If you look at Jesus as an analogy for Truth, and Satan as an analogy for Lies, then the first thing that should at this point strike you, is the fact that Satan saved Jesus’ life! In fact, Jesus was saved by Satan, even before he was born!

This should create several “weird” associations within your mind, once it is realized. However, the most important one, should be the realization of that Pure Truth can only live in perfect symbiosis with Pure Lies! And to separate between them, ensures you gain access to neither!

So the “battle”, or “fight”, between Jesus and Satan, is an artificially constructed separation, that was never there in the first place. In fact, it is easy to argue that Satan could very well have been Jesus’ “Heavenly Father” when perceived like this. The greatest Truth of all Truths is in fact that the Lie shall Save You! And this is the True Miracle of the Virgin Birth!

However, today lies are a commodity, and all the most vicious people on the planet, have long since escaped into hiding, by realizing they can “say one thing”, while they “do another thing”. This have resulted in that the most evil people on the planet, are often the ones whom most others believes are the “best Christians”, or “best Muslims”, etc. This is because organized religion, creates a perfect place for Evil to hide, since once you say you’re a “Christian”, then people’s guards are lowered, and it’s easy for you to live your life as a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

In such a regard, it is easy to understand how the World have been completely turned on its head, where Evil is good, and Good is evil, more often than what most people think …

The guilty goes free, while the innocent are imprisoned, for the crimes of the Wicked!

It’s quite ironic indeed …