bradley_manningThe Surveillance Society, in its current form, is like a sick animal. All the innocent people, are being taken away, while the guilty slips away! I know, because I’ve been taken away myself! However, the Surveillance Society can be compared to a sun. Once it acquires the strength it needs for fusion, if there’s any iron in it, it blows up!

The 27th of July 2014, a teenager from Syria showed us how to deal with it though. By chatting with a friend over Facebook, spreading rumors of a terrorist act in Norway, he was very efficiently able to create a Divide and Conquer operation between the Norwegian Terror Police, and the people of Norway. This teenager, probably one of the Norwegian Syria warriors, knew he was under surveillance, and discussed with his friend, how he could take advantage of this fact. Together, they conspired how to use this knowledge, that they already were under surveillance, to their benefit!

Later that evening, they started spreading a rumor about a special celebration of this year’s Eid on Facebook. The rumor they started spreading, was that the Al Qaeda was going to enter private people’s houses, and start killing people, lots of people. This had the effect of that the NSA picked up on this chat between these two friends, who was then already under surveillance by the NSA. NSA doing their job, alerted the Norwegian government. The Norwegian government acted on this knowledge, and the whole state of Norway was set into “terror alert red”. This way, the Norwegian Terror police terrorized its own population, while probably spending billions of Norwegian Krones, to harass their own people.

Paradoxically, this was arguably the most successful terrorist attack throughout History of Man, simply because it never happened! It also fooled the Norwegian police, into terrorizing their own population. This had the effect of “wearing people down”, in regards to all the FUD and bullshit, we’re fed here in the West about Islamic terrorists. Which helped the Norwegian population understand how our governments are lying to us.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that these two Al Qaeda teenagers are walking around today bragging about their success to all of their friends. It also doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that it’s only a matter of time, before all Western intelligence organizations are flooded with bullshit reports about terrorist acts.

This again has the effect of completely blinding all Western Intelligence, in addition to draining the resources of all Western Nations! Which again, has the effect of effectively coercing all Western states, into negotiating with the Middle-East, on equal terms.

However, this creates a problem, which is that even though this creates bargaining power for the Middle-East states, it also makes it extremely easy for a real terrorist attacks to slip under the radar, which is no different from the realities of today btw. This in turn, creates a need for a whistle-blowing channel, between We the People, and our Intelligence Organizations! Luckily, such a whistle-blowing channel already exists

You see, unless you crucify yourself for the Truth, then your Truth is probably a lie, and by forcing you to breaking the 1st Amendment, to hand over the Truth to your government, your government has something it can convict you of, if you lie.

The man who started the Iraqi war (Curveball), is today walking the streets of Germany, as a free man, simply because he’s never broken any laws. If Curveball had to break the law to hand over the information he had, then he would have been in jail today, which is what he actually deserves, since his actions created millions of casualties in Iraq.

The one who doesn’t understand that the enemy is within, shall never see Jannah …

That was the Truth 1.400 years ago, when Prophet Muhammed walked the Earth, PBUH, and it is still the Truth today. If we want the Freedoms, and Autonomy we deserve, we have to show the World that we are Worthy of it!

So my suggestion to you is this; If you have a lie, then tell it like the Truth, to help demolish and deconstruct the evils of our Surveillance Society ASAP. And if you have a Truth, then tell it like a Lie, because unless you crucify yourself for the Truth, your Truth is probably bullshit!

As usual, I am just the messenger …