The 27th of July, 2014, the entire state of Norway was set into terror-alert. Apparently, because of a rumor that fundamentalist Muslims, had planned to blow up a bomb in Bergen, or start entering privately owned houses, and start killing native Norwegians. I started laughing about this already the 26th of July, realizing how the whole thing was just fairy-tales and “Facebook Trickery”. 27th of July came, Muslims all over the World celebrated Eid, and the 27th of July passed, and nothing happened, of course, as we all know …

And I was  laughing my ass out, for a week!

That was the single funniest, and most exciting Eid, I had ever celebrated! 😀

naked-kingWhen I did time in the US, apparently for breaking American immigration laws, a story came to my ears. A fellow inmate had planned the execution of 17 people over the phone, from inside of jail, while being imprisoned. Regardless of that he was under constant surveillance during his stay, and that every single phone conversation he had made from inside of jail, was being monitored and recorded, he had managed to plan the execution of 17 people, without the guards surveillancing him, being able to even understand what he was talking about!

These are two stories, leading to the same conclusion! And the conclusion is, that all modern mass-surveillance, is completely useless! At least when it comes to preventing future crimes! The first story shows us the dangers of mass surveillance, since it allows for any random “enemy of the state”, to turn a country, and its government, against its own population, by exploiting the knowledge of that he or she is under surveillance. If you don’t understand how, then realize that the plausible cause of Norway being put into terror alert, was that some random Muslim, on “vacation” in Syria, was probably able to put the whole thing together, by chatting with one of his friends over Facebook, realizing he was under surveillance, consciously creating a false terror alert.

The paradox, is that even though this was to a large extent the most successful terrorist act ever pulled together, the Syrian Jihadist cannot in any ways be sentenced for any crimes, since the criminals here was actually the Norwegian Government, NSA and the Norwegian Police! These institutions basically terrorized their own population, over a fancy “1st of April Joke!” The Syrian Jihadist on the other hand, just had a friendly conversation with one of his Facebook friends …

The Irony … 😉

The second story shows us how mass-surveillance is a complete waste of time. If one man, under constant surveillance, manages to plan the execution of 17 people, without his prison-guards understanding that this is what he does, then what is the point …?

Fact is, if you wanted to, you could very well plan and execute a terrorist attack, like the one from 11th of September, 2001, using the commentary fields on President Barack Obama’s Facebook profile, and the NSA would have no idea what you were even talking about …

All you’d have to do, was to change a handful of words, such as “bomb” becoming “flowers”, and “hijacking” becoming “tutoring”. This way, you could openly speak about, and plan, the execution of a terrorist attack, ending up in murdering 3.000 civilians, and the NSA would have no idea what you were even talking about! And the less you tried to hide yourself, the less interested they would be in looking in your direction, to the point where if you planned this terrorist-attack on the Facebook wall of President Barack Obama, they would simply believe you were one of his campaign supporters, planning how to make sure the democrats wins their next election in Iowa …

Fact is, modern surveillance, as being implemented by the CIA and the NSA, is completely useless. The reason is simple; “We all know we’re under surveillance, and that makes us change our words, but not our actions”

towerIt’s basically the story of the tower of Babylon, all over again; “Man wanted to be like God, so he built a tower, from where he could see and control, all the people of his land! God changed man’s language, as a punishment for attempting to be like God, and men scattered out all over the World, incapable of communicating with his Brothers and Sisters, because the very nature of his language had changed”

Fact is, if we keep on building this tower, then our governments will be perceived as the terrorists, and we the people will be impossible to govern, since the ones primarily terrorizing us, will end up being our governments. This is the next logical step on the ladder of divide and conquer. Our governments will be divided from its people, and the tail will wag its dog. And we’re already knee-deep in this shit!

If there is one hope for mankind collectively today, it is for every single software developer on the planet, to start encrypting all of his software’s communication, re-distribute the processor powers currently held by the NSA and the CIA, through Silicon Valley, and its companies, such as Facebook and Google, and facilitate for a de-centralized internet structure, the way the World Wide Web was meant to be.

Because, to be quite honest with you; “The King is naked, and he doesn’t even know it himself”

The Dajjal! Antichrist the 1st! Satan!