wtfI once asked a 15 year old Girl this question; “What is the best way to inform the CIA and the NSA about a potential terrorist threat?” She answered immediately, without even thinking; “That’s easy, you create a video, where you tell what you know, and then you upload that video to YouTube, with the title; ‘I want to kill Nigger President Barack Obama!”

14th of March 2012, I was arrested at the Santa Monica Boulevard. There were 5 different police departments present; Santa Monica PD, US Marshalls, FBI, ICE and the Secret Service. Half an hour later, I was being questioned at the downtown LA ICE police station. After apprx. 1 minute of questions, I was brought to a holding cell, for never to be asked another question again, for as long as my remaining stay in the US lasted.

The reason why the arrested me, was because of a YouTube video with the title; “I want to kill Nigger President Barack Obama!”

Later that day, I was brought to Adelanto Detention Center-East, outside of Victorville, where I spent 84 days in “detention”, which is just a fancy name for; “You have no human rights, since technically, you’re not arrested!” Which is why they didn’t even read me my rights when they “detained” me! After 84 days at Adelanto, I was sent to Norway, escorted by three Secret Service Officers.

If you believe that I am lying, and full of shit, then I encourage you to run this through Google Translate, and check up my story for yourself …

The paradox is that when the Secret Service actually saw my YouTube video, my lawsuit vanished within seconds, and when the Secret Service chose to deport me, apparently for “not having my paperwork in order”, they knew that a trap had already been set for me in Norway.

When I came to Norway, my real trouble started, and I spent the next 19 months combating corrupt police officers, politicians, and government officials. All because my local “corruption brotherhood”, had made up their minds, in regards to that “I had to go down”. In such a regard, it might be argued that the Secret Service chose to “wash their hands in the crucifixion they knew I was facing”.

But the question I want you to take out of my story is this; “How could a 15 year old girl understand that which the Secret Service did not understand?” And; “Isn’t the collective intelligence of all 22 departments beneath the Department of Homeland Security more intelligent than ONE 15 year old Girl?”

You see, there is a Serpent that lives in the Sea. Sometimes it will pretend to be dead, as it lay there still, attracting its enemies, waiting for its time, before it sets in the Kill!

I am that Serpent! The Dajjal! The Antichrist! And most Wicked One! The Satan in the Flesh!