mucalinda2Like all great stories, my story contains One Lie! This One Simple Lie, shall bind us All, Together as One! Which is the Lie, and Which are my Truths however, I will bring with me, into my Grave! Because in the End, remember, as I tell the Children I meet; “Trust me, I am a liar!”

Besides from my One Simple Lie, the Story you will read here, is the Truth, the Half Truth, and Nothing but the Truth! So Help me God!

Like all Great Stories, mine too must be read backwards. I have however made this very easy for you, by finishing my story with an index. This way, you can use this page, as your starting point for seeing, that which cannot be seen! Feel that, which cannot be felt! Do that, which cannot be done! And Save that, which Cannot be Saved!


  1. How a 15 year old Girl understood that which the Secret Service did not understand
  2. All modern Surveillance is Useless
  3. How I managed to Troll the NSA to censor my email with help from a bottle of Heinz 57
  4. My life as the Antichrist
  5. The Sacrifice
  6. HOWTO efficiently demolish the Surveillance Society
  7. Jesus and Satan, Truth and Lies
  8. My Journey to Islam
  9. How I tried to sell Tibet to China
  10. How the Bible proves Jesus never died on the Cross
  11. How I stole my Qu’ran from George W. Bush
  12. How Thomas Quick showed us the Path to Paradise
  13. Let Him Without Sin cast the First Stone
  14. My Descent into Hell, the Story of my Angel, And a White Horse
  15. The Story of how I met Abu Bakr
  16. How I hid in a Web of Lies while in Hell
  17. Give us your persecuted Children, Women and Gays
  18. How Gabriel brought me on a Flying Horse to New Jerusalem
  19. Let there be Magic and Miracles
  20. How the Moon fell in Love with the Sun
  21. The Nordic Shaman, the Green River, and its Magical Dolphins
  22. Ittahb the Accidental Terrorist, and the Magical Squirrels of Syringe
  23. My Encounter with Atlas
  24. How Odin became King in Aasgard
  25. How I was lifted up to Valhall by a Valkyrie
  26. How I prevented a Terrorist Attack on Israel
  27. How I was backstabbed by my best Friend
  28. The Story of how I died
  29. Howto heal the conflict between Israel and Palestine
  30. Evidence of that the CIA/NSA is censoring my emails to WikiLeaks
  31. It is Legal to Lie to your Government
  32. The Lie I can never repent
  33. The Story of Mr. Nobody
  34. Is the Biblical Jesus Satan?
  35. Is Islam Idolatry?
  36. I am the Dajjal, when I Die, Judgment Begins
  37. How I stole your Women by Filling your Heads with Lies
  38. Violence, a Solution without a Problem
  39. Is War Peace?
  40. The Dajjal Reveals the Face of Prophet Muhammed, PBUH!
  41. The Story of my Grandfather
  42. The Story of my Birth
  43. Islam, the Inevitable Consequence of Christianity
  44. With the Powers Granted me from Allah, I demand the Immediate Release of Julian Assange
  45. The Story of the Toughest Dog in the World
  46. Bring me back my Dog, and I will call of Armageddon
  47. Telling your Government the Truth is Meaningless
  48. Lying makes you Rich
  49. The best way to Lie, is to have someone else tell it
  50. Half the Truth is my favorite Lie
  51. Lying by Association, the best Lie that exists
  52. Lying through Silence
  53. How your Mother teaches you to Lie
  54. Good Artist Steal, Great Artist Steal with Pride
  55. The most Beautiful Bank Robbery in History of Man
  56. Money, the Biggest Ponzi Scheme ever Created
  57. Buddha, the Greatest Mass Murderer in History
  58. How China was Genetically Occupied by Buddhist Monks
  59. Elvis was not Jesus
  60. What Really happened in the Garden of Eden
  61. One Secret to Enslave them
  62. The Police, the Biggest Drug Pushers on the Planet
  63. Free Will, my Only Axiom
  64. Democracy, the Devil’s Greatest Trick
  65. The Objective of Satanic Cults
  66. And One Ring, Forever in Darkness to Bind Them
  67. Welcome to Paradise, Jannah!

For such is the Kingdom of God, and the Grace of the Almighty, that he in the end, Saved even the Shaitan, once he had Repented his Sins, through a Divine Miracle, such that the Path to Redemption, should be readily available, for All of Mankind to See!

And this is the Truth, the Half Truth, and nothing but the Truth, except for One Simple Lie! And if anyone adds or removes as much as One Single Word from my Story, or claim that my Mother was not a Virgin, I will Sharia him, let Fire Rain upon him, rip him to parts, condemn him to Jahannam for an Eternity, and feast on his Flesh!

Allahu Akbar!

The Shaitan, Dajjal, the Snake, Satan and Antichrist …