buddhaWhen it comes to IT and security, few things are as feared as a Man in the Middle Attack. Like all evil constructs, this construct has a “nice and loving twin”, which is what I like to refer to as “Man in the Middle Friendship Voucher”

If you read my previous blog, about anonymizing data, you should pretty much understand how economics work. The problem is that there is no similar wide-spread solutions existing for computers today. In order to understand how we can solve this though, we must first recognize “data” as having potential intrinsic value. Secondly, we must realize that this potential value, is reduced proportionally, in accordance to how much of a commodity the data exchanged in a computer-transactions is. The more rare a piece of data is, combined with how sought out it is by potential investors, the more value the data has. This “law” is btw perfectly explaining why Facebook and YouTube are for the most parts filled with rubbish …

Or to use a better analogy, the SCFI (Search for Celestial Facebook Intelligence, pronounced “Sci-Fi”) has been cancelled … 😉

The only reason why Mona Lisa is so much worth, is because there’s only ONE of her! If there was hundreds of Mona Lisas, her value would be reduced accordingly. Hence, to conclude, data can only have any real value, if it is unavailable for the masses, or encrypted to use a computer analogy, and only some few people have access to it! Hence, unless the data is transmitted encrypted, is should basically assumed to be rubbish, and counterfeit …

Another problem is authenticity! If nobody could separate all the fake Mona Lisas from the real deal, then her value would be significantly reduced by all the “wannabe Mona Lisas” of the world. With Mona Lisa this problem is relatively easy to solve, and boils down to one simple question; “Did you see her at the Louvre?” If the answer to that question is “yes”, then you saw the real deal. The problem is that we cannot put all of our data into the Louvre! The solution though has been with us ever since PGP was invented, and consists of Asynchronous Cryptographically Signed data-packets.

If I have a private key, whom only I have access to, then I can use that private cryptography key to “sign” all my data transactions, which then would lead to the receiving party having a guarantee of that the person who constructed that data packet, and sent it to them, was in fact me, and not some other person impersonating me.

The two above constructs facilitates for what I like to refer to as “the economics of data”, facilitating for data packets to become financial instruments by themselves, resulting in that the web gets rid of all of its “crap” and “counterfeit information”, and this “crap” is replaced with actual valuable information, you can rely upon, and which holds value, beyond surveying what people eat for dinner, and how much they love their cats … 😉

So how would we do such a thing then …?

MIME to the rescue, but don’t believe what I say, see it with your own eyes;

To philosophically explain some of the more extreme consequences of this, try to imagine a world where the Al Qaeda and the CIA are collaborating, and exchanging high-value data, without even realizing that’s what they’re doing. This world actually exists in the “real world” version, and we call it for “money”. But online, no similar types of constructs really exists …

And as an additional bonus, this would be a world that favors *neutral* people, facilitating for that the ones whom are peaceful, have many friends, and don’t pick sides in petty fights, bubbles to the top, and become happy and prosperous. And *that* is a World which I’d LOVE to live in 🙂

Happy Hanukkah and Allahu Akbar 😀

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