mucalinda24 years ago, I had a discussion with a colleague of mine about the concept of surveillance. At the time, there was a lot of attention given to people like Julian Assange and Bradley Manning. My viewpoint at the time, was to be quite frank with you, “extreme”. You see, my argument at the time, was that we’ve got the fear of Surveillance completely turned upside/down. To argue for my viewpoint, I used the most revolting example I could, which was the idea of making every single human being on the planet having a web camera attached to their toilet. Most people would argue that such a thing is revolting, and that the very idea, to literally put your ass out on the internet every day like that, would be insane. My argument at the time, was that instead of asking if others would exploit your ass, we should ask the question of how fast we could permanently have solved colon cancer if everybody did it …

In 2011 I had an “experience”, some would say I went “insane”, I anyway would like to classify it as an “experience”. This experience left me with a deep desire to test my thesis, by making my mind, and heart, 100% transparent, and put my entire life out on the internet. Every single idea I had, every single emotion I had, and every single fantasy and dream I had, I would immediately put out on YouTube and Facebook, without thinking about the consequences of my actions. This way I used YouTube and Facebook as a “shrink” or “priest” you might say. I would confess my sins, and tell it about my deepest dreams, desires, fantasies and thoughts. Since then, I have spent 9 months in jail for “Speech Crimes”. 3 months in Adelanto Detention Center East, outside of Los Angeles, and 6 months in jail in Norway, at Ringerike Prison.

Needless to say probably, but I was wrong! You cannot put your entire life out in public like this! If you do, others will judge you! They will judge you for your dreams, fantasies, imaginations, thoughts and feelings, because “judging” is at the core of Human Nature! Most people have a deep desire and craving to judge others, because only by judging others, they feel relief for their own sins. Only by seeing sins in others, they feel they can cleanse themselves from their own sins. If their neighbor is a “terrorist”, then the fact that they stole from their next of kind yesterday, becomes innocent.

The last year though, my strategy has changed. I still use the World Wide Web as my “shrink”. I still put out every single thought, idea, fantasy and dream into it, but I no longer allow the public to see my dreams, emotions, fantasies and visions. Today, I sometimes create private YouTube videos and blogs, that only I can see. This way, my neighbor cannot judge me for being “insane” or a “terrorist”, while I get to contribute to future science, allowing some scientists in the future, to use my “mind and soul”, as his foundation for solving problems, at a point in time, when I can no longer be judged for my thoughts and feelings.

This has several consequences for me. One of those consequences is that I get to live free from coercion and slavery. You see, when everybody who wants to potentially cause harm to me, or exploit me, realize that they’re literally “on YouTube”, and risk being judged for their actions against me, they all tend to behave better towards me, and allow me to live in freedom from coercion and slavery. And since I create private YouTube videos and blogs about every single significant thing that occurs in my life, the very idea of causing harm to me becomes “dangerous”. Any potential trespassers against me, will simply fear my YouTube channel and blog, realizing that if they cause harm to me, they will have to defend their actions in the face of the World!

This way I get to use the World Wide Web the same way as others would use their Priest or Shrink. I get to offload my burdens, while at the same time having “insurance” in such a way that others don’t feel for causing me harm. In such a way, the World Wide Web becomes my …

And that my friend, is the Golden Mean of the Surveillance Society. The realization of that “you’re it!”

Have a nice day 🙂