Bayer_Heroin_bottleIf you’re a cynical sociopath marketing person, then your favorite product is probably Heroin. All you have to do, is to give away the first shot for free, and you’ll have a loyal customer for life. Vaccines works roughly the same way; You give a healthy human being something for free, that produces a customer for life, not caring about its side-effects for your customers.

The similarities don’t stop there though. Have you ever wondered where the name Heroin comes from? It was the name of a product created by a British Pharmaceutical company. The reason why they called it Heroin, was because it “heroically fixed Opium addiction”. Once you had started taking Heroin, you no longer needed Opium, since Heroin was 10 times more addictive.

Today, the same companies that produced Zyklon B for Nazi-Germany during World War II, and the same companies that produced Heroin for you 100 years ago, are producing vaccines for you. They’ve changed name a couple of times since WWII, when they used names such as IG Farben, but it’s basically the same companies. Why would you expect anything else from them today?

There are hundreds of other arguments against vaccinations too, however, the single largest argument against vaccinations, are the fact that vaccines are by themselves, an insult to Mother Earth, your DNA, and your ancestors! You, and your DNA, has been on this planet for ~2 Billion Years. For 1.999.999.950 of those years, your ancestors, and your DNA, was perfectly fine without any vaccinations. Mother Earth gave you what you needed, and somehow magically, your DNA managed to echo throughout History, without any problems, even though you had no vaccines. However, for the last 50-100 years, we’ve been running over each other, trying to heal that which is not sick, by penetrating our skins, injecting dead virus and poison into our blood system.

How is that different from Heroin …?

Don’t get me wrong, if you wish to vaccinate, then I am perfectly OK with that. However, I choose not to vaccinate, and that is my Divine Right! In fact, if you’re afraid of the consequences of too many non-vaccinated people, and you’re throwing me the “herd immunity argument”, then you can go and ask my doctor to have my shot too! That way, you’ll double up! According to your own arguments, you should be twice as safe if you do! Right …?