noble-quranThis might be difficult to believe, but Prophet Muhammed, PBUH, was actually a Feminist. The Prophet actually spent most of his life preaching Women’s Rights and Liberation. When you look at how Islam is being exercised in practice today, this might be difficult to believe, but the Prophet had much more respect for Women, than that of men

I consider myself to be a Muslim, although I suspect most people would disagree with me, including many Muslims. However, I have read the Qu’ran twice, and I have read many Hadiths, and regardless of how I read his words, I am left with an utter awe of how this man was able to do the things he did, to protect Women, and show them respect!

For instance, the Prophet was once asked by one of his friends who a man should respect the most, his Mother or his Father. The prophet answered; “First you shall respect your Mother, then as number two, you shall respect your Mother, and as number three you shall respect your Mother. If you then have anymore respect left in your body, you can give it to your father!”. Narrow minded people on both sides of the fence, seems to have forgotten this simple fact today. My answer is; “Don’t judge Prophet Muhammed, PBUH, for what [some of] his followers today are doing in his name!”

Another time the Prophet was asked where Jannah was. Jannah is Arabic for Paradise. The Prophet answered; “Janna is underneath the feet of the Mothers of the World!”. And when the Prophet died, he was asked by his followers what they should do now. His answer was; “You shall respect everyone around you, but especially the Women! You shall treat the Women of the World like you would treat an Angel, and you shall treat the Women around you, as you would treat me!”

Have that in mind the next time you claim that Prophet Muhammed and Islam are enemies of Women’s rights! To blame Prophet Muhammed for the violence and female exploitation we see in some parts of Islam today, is like blaming Jesus for the Crusades and the Witch Hammer!