spank04_02As a part of my Art project “The Path to Paradise”, I am for a limited time offering personalized insults, where I will take a barf on your face, and insult you in the most extreme and unimaginable ways you can possibly imagine

This will be a personal insult, signed and performed by me personally, and you will own the copyright for the final product. Below is an example of how such an insult might end up looking like

Now the above is just a very rudimentary insult, an actual end product might end up looking more like the one below, though with some images of you, and parts of your past intermixed into the final product. In the video below, I am insulting partially myself, partially all religions, partially all priests, partially all Christians, partially everyone in the World, but especially Ted Haggard, an American Christian Homosexual Evangelic Priechard

If you’re interested in a personal insult by me, please send me an email at, and please supply some details from your life. Plus some images, which I can use