truth-seeker“Zarathustra was a philosopher, and he left his family to live in a cave, at the top of a mountain, where he stayed for 10 years. When he had meditated and contemplated the meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything, for 10 years, he had accumulated so much wisdom, that he felt he was about to explode. So he decided to talk down to the nearest village, to tell the people there what he had discovered. When he came to the first village, thus Zarathustra spoke, only to discover that the villagers had no ears!”

Truth is weird. It doesn’t matter if you slam people in their faces with it, they still won’t see. Fact is Truth exists all around us. It penetrates everything. Still people are blind to it

2.500 years ago, Plato described this through his cave allegory, and really, since that day, nothing has really changed

Fact is, you can put Truth in plain sight, for all to see, still only those who deserves to see, will see!

“See and you shall See! Listen and you shall Hear!”