salvador-daliMeet Salvador Dali, self proclaimed genius and artist. Dali became the very definition of Surrealism during the 20th century, for his thought provoking art! Who’s intentions according to himself, was to be the very definition of absurdity

Dali created his own religious beliefs, founded in that he was the recursive reincarnation of his elder brother, who died before Dali was born, the same way I perceive myself as the reincarnation of the World Wide Web, in the flesh. Like all great artists, Dali turned his entire life into a living absurdity, completely unavailable for the masses. Thought provoking and border-line insane. Below is an interview he gave in his midlife. BTW, notice the cigarette commercial in the beginning … 😀

Below is probably the best known image created by this astonishing brilliant piece of madman and genius! Its name is “persistence of memory”, and I think is a great commentary on the mortality of man