Snowhite. JPEG collage made in GIMP. 640×480. Currently selling for $19.000 or more

To the right of this text, is my latest piece of Art. Its name is “Snowhite”, and it is a collage created in GIMP, format JPEG, in 640×480. The copyright for this piece of art, is currently selling to the highest bidder above $19.000

When it is sold, you legally own the copyright to it, and you can legally sue Facebook unless they take down every single copy of it, and return these copies to you, the only person in the World who are legally allowed to create copies of it

If you wish to purchase “Snowhite”, you can send me an email at, and let me know you’re interested

The more you share this posting on Facebook, the larger the damage becomes for Facebook when it is finally sold …

When you have legally obtained the copyright to “Snowhite”, I will of course destroy all of my copies, after I have made sure you have downloaded yours, to make sure I am a law abiding citizen …