walk-on-waterWhen you drop all your “assumptions”, then your mind opens up towards different ways of seeing things. phosphorus.five is a doorway to this in system development. When I started working on the ideas that later became phosphorus.five, many developers told me I was insane, and that it was “impossible” to do. I didn’t believe them. Fact is, if you set your mind to do something, you can do anything! If people tell you that you cannot do something, they’re lying, literally whatever they say! phosphorus.five is a living testimonial towards that fact

I started working on phosphorus.five 2.5 months ago, and today it contains literally every single building block necessary to replace the entire infrastructure of the World Wide Web. A good example is how the Ajax parts of phosphorus.five work. With phosphorus.ajax, you can create any ajax widget that Telerik, Infragistics, ExtJs, and so on delivers. With only 3 widgets! However, these are the three only widgets you will ever need, because you can compose them together to create more complex widgets, in ways that allows you to build any type of tree control, datagrid control, datetime control, and so on, you wish. The Ajax parts of phosphorus.five contains 5KB of JavaScript, 6 files of C#, and probably less than 3.000 lines of code. Still it replaces an entire industry!

Another example of this is pf.lambda. Apparently it may seem naive to developers, for instance, it doesn’t even have math functions. Meaning, you cannot even add two numbers with it. Still it contains everything you need to create GMail, SuperOffice, DotNetNuke, SharePoint, etc, etc, etc. 15~ keywords replaces the 100~ keywords from C#, making it possible for you to express nearly everything you can express with C#, with far less code, and far more ease

A third example is the Active Event design pattern. With one design pattern, I am replacing all other design patterns on the planet. In addition, I am replacing OOP, OOD, and 60 years of assumptions within the industry. Never again do you have to write tedious plugin boiler-plate code! Never again do you have to write another silly interface! Never again do you have to write a stupid class, and create virtual methods within it! Never again do you need dependencies between your modules

However, more important than these facts, are the fact that one man, made the impossible a commodity, in 2.5 months! Which leads to my conclusion; If anyone tells you it cannot be done, they’re lying! Don’t believe their lies, create your own! And when you’re done, others can verify your claims, by studying what you’ve done, and realize there are no lies! If phosphorus.five is one thing, it is the proof of just that! It is the proof of that the ones who said I was insane for trying, are in fact delusional! It is the fact of that the ones who said it couldn’t be done, were liars! It is the proof of that miracles exists, and you can create a miracle anytime you wish! It is the proof of that you can walk on water, if you just don’t believe the ones who tell you it cannot be done

I have 3 more weeks of development, before I am finished proving my original claim, which was that one man could replace every single existing big-blue company’s infrastructure on the planet, in three months, making system development a “commodity”. Make system development available for the masses. And if you take a look at phosphorus.five, and study it, you will see that I am right! Do you still believe that I am delusional …?

Fact is, don’t believe anyone who tells you it cannot be done, regardless of what you try to do! They’re all delusional! They’re all lying! They are wrong, and you are right! phosphorus.five is a living testimonial towards that fact …

And the kicker is that I did it with a $500 laptop, on well-fare! I did not have a huge organization backing my research! I did not have a committee giving me advice! I did not have a board of directors, throwing billions of dollars at me! In fact, I barely could afford buying food! But what I did have, was millions of people telling me it couldn’t be done! I did it while I was ostracized as a crazy man, having spent time in jail for my words! I did it while being censored at Google, DZone, Facebook, conventional media, and literally every single “social website” in the world, to the point where I even had to go to jail for these companies lies about me. I did it while my local police department harassed and bullied me to the point, where any “sane” man would have jumped out of a bridge. I did it while an entire “scientific community” ostracized me as a lunatic, and thought I was lying. In fact, the only ones who supported me was the local Angel School, the Homeopaths, Magicians, UFO-logies, and other Social “weirdos”. The only ones who believed me, was the ones you call “delusional”


I made the impossible a commodity, alone, and nobody can ever take that away from me, regardless of how much they try! If you are one of these people that told me it couldn’t be done, then I have two words for you my friend, and these two words are; FUCK YOU!!