sleepingI’ve been a lot of weird places in my life, and seen a lot of weird things, that most people luckily will never be able to see. On my journeys in this World, I once saw a homeless man in San Francisco, standing in the middle of the road with a trolley, probably stuffed with everything he owned. He was dirty, obviously poor, and probably highly “psychotic”. Notice however how I wrote “psychotic” in quotes 😉

A wise man once said; “To hear the Truth, you must go to a mad man.” And the Truth this man conveyed to me, and all the bystanders, was quite frankly very shocking to me, and very upsetting for the rest of the people who passed him by. Everyone passing him, except me, spent a lot of energy trying to avoid to meet his eyes, or in any other ways acquire “contact” with this poor man.

You see the man was standing in the middle of the street, stopping traffic, while he was shouting; “I am invisible! I am invisible!” – Over, and over, and over again …

Now of course, the man wasn’t actually psychotic, and obviously not invisible, but had rather finally “snapped” as a consequence of his toll in life, which was that nobody cared for him, and they all thought he was a fruit cake …

I stopped in front of the man, looked him straight into his eyes, and said; I See You! – At which point he stopped shouting, froze as he smiled a little bit to me, before he turned around and started the process all over again, but this time with slightly more humor in his shouting … 😀

This was on Market Street, San Francisco, and it was during rush hours. Still, of all the people in San Francisco that day, probably only one person had the courage to meet this guy’s eyes, and acquire “contact”. The rest of the city, was simply too afraid of him, to even look in his direction!

This is the paradox of God! Nobody wants to see God, because once they do, it hurts! Then they’ll realize, that they’re responsible for their own actions, and too few of us are willing to take that responsibility today!

I just saw a beautiful documentary about Chris Langan, apparently the smartest guy on the planet, and I am shockingly agreeing with him. In order to create a better society, we must, by using binary logic, be able to prove God’s existence! And this is the responsibility of the Ultra High IQ people of the World!

Why? Because, when we know we’re being watched, we behave better! This knowledge creates a better World for all of us! Watch it for yourself, if you dare to look him into his eyes … 😉

To see God, is to see that which Observes, and only Observes, and realize it allows yourselves to judge yourselves, through your own actions! Once you’ve seen “the eye”, you can never go back out of the Rabbit’s Hole again, and you’re forced to becoming a better person! This change inevitably makes the World a better place for all of us, in addition to facilitate for the survival of Mother Earth, our common Virgin Mother, which in these days desperately needs help to survive our greedy and violent behavior …

Imagine if the mice knew they were being watched. How would they behave then …? 😉