let-godWhen you read ancient religious scriptures, there is one common trait that goes through them all; Free Will! Free Will was God’s greatest gift to Humans according to both the Bible, the Qu’ran, and literally all other religious scriptures on the planet. In fact, God can only be Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent if he allows for all Humans to keep their Free Will, and choose for themselves! By taking away the gift of Free Will, you create a Godless society, destined to fall in, and collapse on its own weight.

If you go to Quantum Mechanics, a mechanism similar to Free Will can also be found there; “Chance!” At the Quantum level, all logic and math breaks down, and everything we’re left with, is a statistical probability. God, according to ancient religions, works the same way. He [or She 😉 ] allows for Chaos to unfold, and from that Chaos, order naturally prevails. Hence, God becomes the opposite of Entropy, or to be more accurate, God reduces Entropy in the Universe, through the means of Evolution, allowing for Evolution to unfold, and produce a better result, than what would have unfolded if there had been no Free Will. Hence, Free Will becomes the very engine in Evolution, allowing us to judge ourselves, through our actions, and in such a way facilitate for a better future, AKA; “Paradise”.

In other words; If you take away Free Will from people, you remove yourselves from God, since you believe you are God, and must decide for others, whom you perceive as “weaker souls”, and not able to decide for themselves. Hence, you commit the “original sin”, believing that there’s a difference between Good and Evil, not realizing that this is not up to you to decide, but to allow for nature itself to create, as a natural consequence of its “Chaos”.

Basically; As long as you have an originating cause behind your actions, and non-actions, besides being the “Observer”, you are not God! 😉

Or in plain English; To be Omniscient, Omnipresent, and have Omnipotency follow as a natural consequence of the two former O’s, you will have to allow Free Will to unfold EVERYWHERE! Otherwise, you will lock yourself out of parts of the Universe, since the Universe doesn’t allow for anyone to observe it, unless they do just that; Observe! Only by Observing Neutrally, without judging others, you can acquire Omnipotency, as the result of Omnipresence and Omniscience!

Or to reduce further; “No man will tell another man the Truth, if he believes he will be judged for telling it!” – Therein lies the paradox; God can only exist if he doesn’t judge people, and allow for all Humans to exercise their Free Will. This way God becomes Omnipresent and Omniscient, from where Omnipotency will naturally follow.

Or to define God as a mathematical function;

Omnipotency = Omnipresence * Omniscience

And the amount of Omniscience and Omnipresence you can acquire, is dependent upon the amount of Free Will you allow to unfold. Hence, the recipe for becoming “a God”, becomes; “Do not push your will unto others!”

To illustrate my point, I’d like to finish with a joke 😉

“Two scientists had discovered that they could create Life. So they called upon God and wanted to share their findings with God, proving they were equally great as God. God said; ‘Hmm, interesting. Let me see you create life then?’ So one of the scientists started out, and said; ‘Well, first you take a piece of shit’ – and reached for some mud from the ground – Then God interrupted the scientist and said; ‘Uhh, uhh! Create your OWN shit!” 😉

Hence, if you cannot allow for “shit to happen”, you are by the very definition of my joke, not God! 😀

*crap* 😀

Or with even worse words, if you push your will unto others, you’re not God, you’re …