catzyNon-Locality from Quantum Mechanics, is possibly one of the weirdest concepts ever imagined. In fact, some people claim that the entire field of Quantum Mechanics, drove Albert Einstein literally insane, and was responsible for him torturing himself, trying to find a solution, to a non-solvable problem, for the last 25 years of his life. When you read about non-locality, it is difficult to understand and conceptualize in your head, until you realize that it also applies to the macro Universe, through other mechanisms, that are ruled by the same laws as Quantum Mechanics; Your Mind!

Inside your mind, you have ideas and opinions, and while most people identify these opinions with their image of “themselves”, or their “existence”, this is in fact a mirage. Your mind is not “yours”, it never has been, and it never will be. There is an easy test you can apply to your mind to prove this fact, which also becomes a very good explanation of how non-locality works.

Answer this question; “Do you prefer Coffee or Tea?”

The moment you thought about an answer to that question, you performed the equivalent of an “observation”. However, what was observed was in fact not “yours”, it was simply a locality of a meme, or an idea, which exists throughout the entire world’s population as a mere potential, the same way an elementary particle exists throughout the entire Universe, and only acquire a locality once “observed”. The reason is because there’s a finite number of possible answers to the above question, and your answer is highly likely shared between billions of others on this planet. So the “meme” that you associate with that question is hence existing as a wave, throughout the entire universe, and only when observed, it acquires a locality and “mass”, and can be associated with a “point” in time and space; Your Mind!

Possible permutations of an answer to the above question are;

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • both
  • none
  • what is Coffee and Tea?
  • … plus maybe a handful of others …

Since there are 7 billion people on this planet, this means that all the above permutations must be shared between many people. Hence, what you define to be “you”, meaning your mind and ideas, is in fact simply a potentiality, existing throughout the entire human specie, as a potentiality within all of us.

Some of the consequences of this fact, is that the very idea of allowing people to patent ideas, becomes pure evil, since the ideas weren’t theirs in the first place, but belonged to the entire human specie in the first place. Another consequence of this fact, is that you must acknowledge, purely logically, that your mind is in fact not yours, it never has been, and never will be. Another consequence of this, becomes the realization of another mind out there, where your mind is simply nothing more than a tiny fraction of this “larger mind”, working together in harmony as one, as a holographic projection unto every single individual on the planet. A “hive mind”, constructed of the minds of every single living human being.

This is also how the Universe works, at the quantum mechanics level. It is a single entity, where a particle might exist in multiple places at the same time, and only acquires a locality once observed, and before it is being observed, it exists as a potentiality, through the entire cosmos, at the same time.

The philosophical implications of this fact is in fact quite staggering once you start diving into them. For instance, ask yourself this question; “If no elementary particle has a locality before it is observed, and all matter is created out of elementary particles, does my ‘stuff’ disappear when I’m not watching it?”

Which might explain why people are so afraid of loosing their stuff, and eager to install alarms to guard against theft. I guess the solution is to get rid of all your stuff, realizing it’s anyway all yours none the less, every time you observe it, and allow some other bugger be afraid of having it stolen from him … 😉