Crab-Supernova-Explosionthe Almighty has one gigantic paradox.  on the one hand, the Almighty’s greatest gift to humanity is free will, on the other hand, if the Almighty shows himself to mankind, he will take back the greatest gift he ever gave them, since with certainty about his existence, there cannot exist any Free Will

about three years ago i experienced something most accurately described by Eckhart Tolle in his book “the Power of Now”.  at one level this can be described as seeing the Almighty Creator.  at another level, it can be described as “Entering the Now”, realizing there’s a bigger sentience out there that you can never fathom, hence your own ideas of how the world should be run, and your own “logic” becomes useless.  at another level again, the whole thing can probably be described as a purely mental and physiological thing, and at yet another level, it can probably be described as a super-massive nervous breakdown; the point where your ego and “self” is reduced to dust, in the Almighty’s timeless Masterpiece

regardless of how you describe it, it still left a profound change within me, and for obvious reasons, my at that point “fundamentalistic Atheism”, vanished as the morning dew would once confronted with the surface of the Sun

“When Zarathustra came to the first village, he spoke, only to realize the villagers had no ears!”