we will be working towards creating a search engine for the World Wide Web who’s goal is to replace google.  this is because google has forgotten their first Love, and have now started allowing for people to be “forgotten”.  we believe in allowing people to be “forgotten”, but that this is a right you have to deserve, by asking those you have trespassed against for Forgiveness, and doing right what you did wrong.  allowing for putting people’s dirty laundry out into the public, is a corner stone of any Healthy Democracy, and him who does not understand this, does not have the right to wag the dog by changing his public image in order to create a fake persona that does not exist in real life

we will therefor do everything we can to create an Open Source alternative to google, in order to ensure the World stays a Democracy the way it should, facilitating for Free Speech, while also allowing for Free Silence for those who deserve it