back in the time when God had created man, the body parts of man had a meeting, trying to decide who should be the boss.  the arms spoke first, and said; “we are what allows the man to pick things up, therefor we should be the boss”.  the legs angrily said; “but without us, the man cannot move, we should be the boss”.  the brain said; “we are what allows man to think, without us, man is just a lump of meat”.  and similar arguments was made by all the different parts of the body

after all the body parts had quarreled for several hours, the asshole started talking, and said he wanted to be the boss.  all the other body parts started laughing, and said the asshole barely had anything constructive to offer, and was in no position to claim the role as the boss

the asshole became angry about this, and decided to shut down.  after a couple of days, the legs started trembling.  two more days after that, the hands couldn’t even lift themselves, and the brain started having a fever.  a couple of more days down the road, the entire body was on its way to shut down, and hence the different body parts had an emergency meeting, trying to figure out what to do, since the asshole had collapsed all the different parts of the body, threatening to kill of the whole organism.  so all the body parts decided they’d just had to make the asshole become the boss, otherwise they’d suffocate, from not being able to have their shit leave them

and that is the story of how the asshole became the boss my son 🙂