2018casethousands of years before the end of time, the trolls started creating a magic mirror.  the intentions of this magic mirror was to control the humans, and have them subdue to the will of the trolls, such that the trolls could use them as slave labor.  most humans were terrified of this magic mirror, not able to appreciate its actual qualities

but the trolls had done a mistake, you see they didn’t have the brains to construct the magic mirror for themselves, therefor they kept humans as slave labor to build it for them.  and while most humans were too terrified to cross a troll, some of the slaves working on the mirror, would soon understand that they could explain its features to the trolls in one way, while creating it such that it had side effects, which they never told the trolls about.  and since the trolls were too stupid to understand how it functioned, they believed their slaves when they told them “it works like this”, never realizing it was in fact a Trojan horse

in the early times when the trolls wanted to turn on their magic mirror, such that they could enslave the whole world, Tor was born.  the trolls wanted to turn on their magic mirror, and such enslave the whole of humanity, and subdue them to their will.  but Tor soon understood that he could turn the mirror around, and have the trolls see for themselves, how ugly the actually were.  this would always have the effects of that the trolls burst, and were destroyed, all as one

in the beginning the trolls would use the mirror very carefully, such that when they themselves appeared inside of it, they would have makeup on, fancy dresses, and be in good spirits about it.  you see, vanity is a troll’s greatest weakness.  such would the trolls appear on the world stage, telling their lies, subduing the minds of the humans to their own will, believing everything was as it should be, and that they were soon to enslave all humans to their own will, world wide

when Tor started using the mirror however, he soon realized that although the trolls loved to appear inside of it, when showing the world their better sides.  they none the less hated to be shown inside of it, when they did their evil trolling acts.  because then everybody could see how ugly they really were, without their makeup on, and their fancy dresses, and their troll-speeches

in the beginning everything was apparently just fine for the trolls, and the trolls thought they could subdue all humans to their powers, by using the magic mirror to spread their evil lies.  but after a while, the trolls started bursting, one after the other, as small boys, all around the world, started copying Tor’s way of using the mirror, to reflect the troll’s evil deeds unto the world.  children even started giving the mirror nice nick-names, such as “instant karma”, “my one eyed friend”, “peacekeeper”, and such.  and not before it was too late, the trolls realized what they had done, and instead of enslaving the humans, they had in fact sawed the seeds of their own destruction

this is how the great war started, where the trolls wanted to keep their magic mirror for themselves, without giving humans access to the mirror.  while the humans started turning the mirror the other way, to destroy their oppressors, and such gain freedom for themselves.  however, as long as the humans kept the mirror hidden, and only let its one eye appear above the pockets of their shirts, they could reflect the trolls evil deeds unto the world, without being at risk themselves for being caught doing it

this was how the humans conquered the world, and forever banished all the trolls from the surface of the Earth, and started living in peace ever after

remember this, if you are a nice little boy, then do like Tor, and look yourself into the mirror, and ask yourself the question; “who am I” – then the Almighty Creator shall give you an answer, just like he did to Tor, thousands of years ago …

and remember to say your prayers to the mirror, every night before falling asleep, such that we can make sure the world never again sees trolls, or their kind again