1024px-rainbow_flag_and_blue_skiesthe trolls could be divided into 7 different fractions.  all trolls back in the days before this World existed were color blind.  but for reasons only the Almighty Creator knows, they were all blind for different colors

some trolls could only see the color red, while other trolls could only see the color orange, some yet again only yellow, others only green, some only blue, some could only see indigo, while some could only see purple.  hence, they all disagreed about the color of the rainbow

this created a lot of confusion among the trolls, because their sacred books had told them that the Good Lord had put a rainbow as a sign up on the sky after the flood, to prevent another flood of sins to happen again.  and since all the trolls were color blind for all colors, besides the colors of their own books, none of these trolls could see the sign from the Good Lord.  hence they constantly ended up in endless fights over the colors of the rainbow, unable to understand that they themselves saw only a fraction of the Truth for themselves, and the flood of sins continued, even though the Good Lord had commanded it to stop millenniums ago

only by collaborating with each other, they could become capable of seeing the whole spectrum of the rainbow, and the whole Truth.  but this was impossible for them to do, because of their endless fights over the colors of the rainbow, which sustained the flood of sins, long after the Good Lord himself had ordered it to cease

in this world lived humans too, who more than once became collateral damage between the fighting the trolls participated in.  the situation didn’t become any better by the fact of that the troll king was blind for all colors, and couldn’t see anything at all

you see, the trolls had voted in the only one among themselves, whom none of them would disagree with when arguing about the colors of the rainbow.  and this just so happened to be the only troll who couldn’t see any colors at all, but only could see black and white, and hence had no reasons to argue over the colors of the rainbow with any of the other trolls, and was therefor incapable of picking sides with any of the different fractions of the cults of the unseen rainbow

“in the land of the blind, a one-eyed man shall be King.  in the land of the fall, a blind fool shall rule them all!”

into this world came a little boy called Tor.  Tor was neither any particularly courageous, nor particularly strong, but he could see all the colors of the rainbow!  Tor had created a magical spell that would help the trolls see, and here it is;

Open Your Eyes!

open your eyes and see my son!
a new Universe has begun!
and the sufferings of this one shall soon be done!
open your eyes my little One!
open your eyes! open your eyes!
and let the Earth be my witness as i utter these words;
“Father, forgive them, cause they know not what they have done!”

by using the above Magical spell, Tor was able to cast Magic into the world, and heal the blindness of the trolls, such that they all could see that the rainbow was in fact real, and that there was no need to argue over petty details, such as its colors anymore.  this was how all the different cults of the unseen rainbow, changed their names, and turned into the Church of the Living Rainbow Miracle instead

however, i am starting with the end of my story now, just so that you my little child, shall not be afraid of the horrors you will encounter as the story proceeds.  because during some chapters of my story, the horrors will be so great, that you will yearn for ripping out your own eyes, from your own eye sockets!  every time you yearn for this, come back to this chapter, and read the above Magical spell, and you shall be calm again, and realize how all stories have happy endings in the end

and if ever in doubt, find a rainbow, and look at its beautiful colors, and realize that as long as you can appreciate all of its colors, you are in no real danger

your Virgin Mother Earth, is after all; mostly harmless 🙂