the-word-quantum-mechanicsif i ask you this question; “do you prefer coke or pepsi”, then there’s only 5 possible different permutations of a logical answer to that question

  1. coke
  2. pepsi
  3. doesn’t matter
  4. none
  5. what is coke and pepsi?

as you answer the question, you are performing the equivalent of a “scientific observation of a meme”.  and the idea of whatever your answer was, gets a locality.  the same happens when you observe an elementary particle.  before the observation is done, the particle exist only as a potential, throughout the entire universe, and only the observation itself, gives the particle a “locality”.  this shows that the word obeys by the same set of rules as quantum mechanics, and paradoxically shows that the Bible, and the gospels according to John, is true; “in the beginning there was the word, the word was with God, the word was God”

“the word” carries the seeds of creation and the seeds of destruction within it …

when you understand the rules of the word, you effectively get access to a weapon with the same amount of energy as the atomic bomb, simply by understanding its basic set of rules.  this is because “the word” has the capacity to influence people’s actions, and the word works its ways throughout humanity the same way as a wave does.  the word is like a pebble thrown into water, and the consequences of the word, is the waves it creates on the surface of the pond

to understand how to utilize this power, you must understand that there are two distinct different types of words.  there is Truth, and there are lies.  15 years ago, a scientific journal wrote about how a group of scientists had managed to eliminate noise from the engine inside airplanes by creating noise which held the same frequency as the noise, and target the “new noise” towards the source of the original noise.  this would create a “counter-wave” of noise, eliminating the noise from the engines

all wave theory obeys by these rules.  if you have a tsunami which threatens to extinguish your coastline, then if you can create a counter-tsunami with the same strength, going in the opposite direction, meeting the original tsunami out in the ocean, then both will counter each other, and the original tsunami will “die”

when you know these basic rules, you can protect yourself from the consequences of lies intended to harm you