earth-brainif you look at the Earth’s geography today, and you compare it with a human brain, then a lot of similarities becomes obvious.  for instance, the human brain is divided into two halves, the human brain is divided into two hemispheres.  the east with china, indonesia, taiwan, thailand etc being the equivalent of the right hemisphere, and the west with europe and america being the equivalent of the left hemisphere

in the left hemisphere of your brain, logic exist.  for instance, the frontal cortex of your left hemisphere is where your logical and analytic sense exist.  in addition your left hemisphere contains your capability to communicate.  the Earth counterparts of these parts of your brain, is silicon valley and hollywood.  silicon valley being the Earth’s capacity to think logically, and hollywood being its capacity to communicate

the middle east, with saudi arabia, syria, and so on, is the Earth’s corpus callosum.  jerusalem and mecca is the Earth’s amygdala, which is divided into two parts.  one “bliss” part, which is jerusalem, and one “fear” part, which is mecca.  in addition, you can easily perceive norway as the pineal gland of the Earth

today all it knowledge is for the most parts centered around silicon valley.  this creates a lot of logical thinking occur in one place, just like you would find in a human being whom is not enlightened.  when a human being becomes enlightened, the thinking that occurs in the frontal cortex [silicon valley for the Earth], is evenly distributed around the entire brain, and all parts of the human brain can be harnessed for the benefit of the individual

the de-centralized architecture of magix facilitates for the same thing to occur with the Earth as a whole as a single individual human being when it becomes enlightened.  the frontal cortex and logic is de-emphasized, while the rest of the brain becomes equally important as the frontal cortex in itself

when a human being becomes enlightened, this requires a cognitive revision of the delusions of that individual to occur in its brain.  this cognitive revision always comes from the right hemisphere, through the corpus callosum, and manifests itself as a lie, entering the left hemisphere, making the individual realize that he is suffering from cognitive dissonance

this same process is what is now occurring on the Earth as a whole, and the way this is being implemented, is through the false terror alarm in Norway over the last couple of weeks, culminating on Eid, the Islamic “christmas evening”

this first lie, will result in the Earth as a cognitive super massive organism, being flooded with lies, which is referred to as the “yellow flood”, manifesting itself into an era of absolute darkness, filled with lies, culminating in the Earth becoming a Buddha as a whole, utilizing the infrastructure of the internet as its connections for connecting all human beings together as One

therefor i say to you, remember the guide’s words about the Earth; “mostly harmless”.  chill, breadth in, out, repeat, and relax …

everything will be ok!

though it will seem like as if we’re going through armageddon in the near future 🙂