internetfor several years I have been “thinking about thinking”.  the scientific term for this activity is called “meta thinking”, and the terminology for this state of mind is having a “meta mind”.  my conclusions about the concept of thinking is, that there is nothing particularly unique about it.  virtually everything “thinks”.  even slime it seems

thinking, as we define it, is really nothing but emerging complexity.  our brains are connected to our environment through its senses.  through these senses, our brain absorbs facts about its environment, and changes its behavior accordingly, to accommodate to what it learns.  the same is true for ant hills, cities, humanity at large, and even slime it seems

this fact contains a couple of interesting questions for web developers.  for instance, does the internet “think”?  and if it does, what are the ethical consequences of this?  if the internet “thinks”, does this give it rights?  and more importantly, what does this tell us about ourselves, and more specifically our souls?  and finally, does this mean the internet has a soul?

think about that for a while … 😉