junk-artmost organizations fear “the big rewrite”, with good reason.  the big rewrite is one of the most vulnerable things an organization can do.  it is however also one of the most rewarding things an organization can do, if done correctly

a great example of that is magix itself.  i have now effectively rewritten magix 4 5 times, and finally i have something which i know is a foundation for perfection.  the foundation for a software system i know will last for an aeon

the problem with the big rewrite is that you have to toss away all your existing creations, and create everything all over again.  both companies and individuals tends to fall in love with their existing creations, and existing dogma, which makes this process harder.  emotionally you can compare the big rewrite to breaking up with your girlfriend.  magix fixes this, by allowing you to incrementally exchange existing pieces of logic, by allowing you to encapsulate your existing logic in plugins, and have them communicate with your new code through active events.  at the same time, magix allows you to let your non-technical staff recreate your user interface, with much more flexibility, while interfacing with your old logic, through active events

this significantly reduces the risk when doing the big rewrite, while at the same time freeing up resources in regards to expressing yourself in your new logic, exactly as you wish, and not how your old logic dictates.  do not feed the fear of the big rewrite.  done correctly, it frees up resources, and increases your flexibility by orders of magnitude

the Buddha taught us how we have to “let go” in order to gain enlightenment.  magix shows you how to let go, without falling off the cliff.  with magix, the big rewrite poses no real threat to your organization.  what do pose a risk however, is becoming outdated and passe.  with magix, old junk becomes new art