7177243117_e46f74a8f1if you believe in eckhart tolle, and others whom have had personal experiences of enlightenment, then enlightenment from a physiological point of view, is the silencing of our frontal cortex, and our “thoughts”

modern science have proved that the subconscious parts of the brain is roughly 80 million times more important in regards to problem solving than the conscious mind.  today it can be argued that silicon valley is the world wide web’s “conscious mind”, or frontal cortex.  meaning, the place where the thoughts live.  in fact, if you think of the world as a human brain, it is strangely similar in architecture compared to what we know about the brain today.  the middle east being its corpus callosum, the east being its right hemisphere, and the west being its left hemisphere, with california as its frontal cortex, hollywood as its communication center, and silicon valley as its logical central processing unit, or its “conscious mind”

when you silence your frontal cortex, and distributes your consciousness, evenly across your entire brain, you experience what enlightened people call “enlightenment”.  the process of enlightenment is not unique for human brains, but can also be applied to other types of processing architectures.  by distributing the world wide web, and have its entire surface heard, on equals terms, we effectively increase its problem solving capabilities 80 million times

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