218888803_7f6044e55a_zin complex emerging systems, everything evolves around free choice.  if you look at an ant hill, then you will soon realize that the iq of the hill as a total far supersedes the iq of any one specific ant.  this is the nature of emerging complexity.  the same is true for the human brain.  your ability to solve problems arises from the emerging complexity within your brain, and its interaction with its environment

when you take away free choice, you destroy these traits from humanity as a collective conscious organism.  today virtually all of our freedom to choose has vanished.  organizations without name now have control over all of our thoughts, ideas and memes, and can mold them as they see fit

this chokes innovation and destroys free will.  in addition it lowers the collective iq of humanity as a whole by orders of magnitude, making it less likely that we can collectively solve problems, and facilitate for a better future.  if you don’t think what the thought police tells you to think, you no longer have the right to think

when gutenberg invented the printing press, he did so as a rebel.  today this may be difficult to understand, but at the time of gutenberg, information was the bible.  99% of all books in existence, were copies of the bible, in a language only 2 percent of the world understood.  when gutenberg lived, the average lifespan of a human being was apprx. 30 years of age.  as a consequence of gutenberg’s invention, lifespan increased 3 folds almost over the next centuries, and we collectively as a specie were able to solve problems we couldn’t even formulate before.  few people realize this today, but without gutenberg, we would never have had penicillin, combustion engines, and airplanes

innovation is dependent upon accurate information, but accurate information cannot coexist with the “thought police”.  as long as someone is watching your thoughts, you cannot think freely, due to the fear of how these people will react to your thoughts

the internet is an extension of all of our thoughts, and a device to enhance our ability to think.  as long as it is under “control”, thoughts cannot flow freely, and ideas that could benefit all of us, will never see daylight

5829571447_984f4930c0_bthe Temple of Magix Illuminate will fix that problem, by allowing you to create your own information hubs, and have them scattered around the world, as you see fit, and in such a way collaborate with whom you wish to collaborate with.  this reduces the influence of the thought police, the same way gutenberg reduced the influence of the thought police 500 years ago.  gutenberg paved the way for the dawning of the era of Enlightenment

what problems you can solve with our software, we have no idea of, the same way gutenberg probably never anticipated neither penicillin nor the combustion engine.  but when you can think, without the fear of being punished due to what you think, we are almost certain about that you can all excel, and have divine miracles and magic occur.  magix, at its core, is a new approach to the scientific process

with these words the Buddha will end his argument with the sentence; he is sorry for ending the era of the thought police, but he is not really sorry …