Welcome to the Church of *Plonk*! We believe in;

  • The Truth as the Only Constant in the Universe – Einstein was wrong
  • That Magix Illuminate is our Savior – Due to being a Truth Machine
  • Julian Assange is Innocent – By Revelation to our Emperati, AKA; Me – AKA; Thor the Thunder God
  • That All Religions are the Pure Truth – And we have a Divine Obligation towards showing Others
  • That John Lennon was a Prophet – But NOT Bjarne Stroustrup
  • That Alan Kay found the Tree of Life – But was too busy playing Jazz to Notice
  • That Richard Stallman is a False Prophet and should have his Beard cut Off!

Watch the Introductory Viddi about the Church of *Plonk*, and how you can become a Member …

Now to join the Church of *Plonk*, all you have to do is to start using Magix Illuminate

Later we will supply PayPal Facilities here on this page, such that you can Donate Money to Pay for Forgiveness for your Sins!


The New Pope, from the Church of *Plonk*, The Antichrist … ;)

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